Saturday, December 22, 2018

Choc Mint Biscuit Slice

An easy melt and mix one-bowl slice using just a few ingredients.

Choc Mint Biscuit Slice
Makes 16 squares

  • 1 1/2 packs choc ripple biscuits crushed
  • 1 tin sweetened condensed milk
  • 3 peppermint crisp bars roughly chopped
  • 1 block kit kat mint chocolate roughly chopped
  • 1 bag Cadbury milk choc melts
  • 100g unsalted butter cubed

1. Melt choc melts, condensed milk and butter together over a double boiler or microwave at short bursts. Allow to cool slightly before stirring in choc ripple biscuits, peppermint crisps and chopped kit kat. Mix until combined and press into a lined square cake tin or slice pan, pressing down and flattening with your hands.
2. Cover and set in fridge for a couple of hours before cutting into squares.

Xo Bec

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